911 Call: “Burger King Won’t Make Me My Cheeseburger.”

In which a woman calls 911 to get them to come “enforce” the way Burger King won’t make her a Western Bacon Cheeseburger the way she wants. The 911 operator handles herself with incredulous aplomb.

Priceless. The sad thing is, the bigger we get, the more people like this we have to deal with.


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  1. homerjay says:

    I find it so very sad that people like this actually exist in America. This soccer mom is clearly so bored in life that she’ll probably now try to sue the city for not responding to her 911 call.

    I’ve always wanted to befrend a 911 operator because you KNOW they’re just LOADED with awesome stories of retards calling in for stupid shit.

  2. amazon says:

    Is this the one that is on Snopes?

  3. robyns says:

    Yes, it’s listed on Snopes as undetermined. It’s also a couple of years old, apparently.

  4. amazon says:

    Yeah, the age thing is why I was too lazy to provide a link. Or actually look for it even. :)

  5. Food 911

    They were a bit busy to speak with us at length (evidently matters such as homicides and escaped prisoners take priority over media inquiries about irate fast food patrons), but they told us the recording is an actual call that was handled by an OCSD dispatcher about two years ago.

    The operator should have hung up as soon as it was clear the call was just about a cheeseburger.

  6. illc0mm says:

    I worked as a dispatcher back in the 90’s, we did receive many calls similar to this so I can believe it happened for real. People would call for the most moronic things like, on the 911 line mind you:

    “What time does Halloween start”

    “I got ripped off by a prostitute…”

    “blah blah blah…stole my pot…”

    The list goes on, people are crazy AND stupid.

  7. Papercutninja says:

    When phone calls like this happen, the police SHOULD be dispatched and arrest the caller immediately.

  8. Triteon says:

    I hope she eventually got her burger, and I hope the kid using the dirty mop bucket is the one who made it.

  9. marge says:

    i think assholes like this should be fined for misusing a public service

  10. thrillhouse says:

    That 911 operator didn’t know… that totally could have been a harmful cheeseburger

  11. fizzer fits says:

    The snopes article is here:


    To put a fine point on it, snopes lists it as “Undetermined” because while they acknowledge that the call actually happened, they can not determine if it is a loopy soccer-mom calling or a prankster.

  12. Kishi says:

    Bonus points to the 911 operator for straight up telling the woman to act like an adult.

  13. AcidReign says:

    …..I’ve, unfortunately, had an in-law who would call 911, wax hysterical and get the police to drive out and check on us if we didn’t answer the phone when she called. Of course, being the stubborn sort, I never succumbed to the emotional blackmail. My machine and caller id are guards of my leisure time…

    …..The local cops figured the whole scenario out after about three such trips, and stopped taking her seriously.

  14. Chongo says:

    Are we sure it’s 911? it sounds like the dispatcher answering the phone is a direct fire department dispatcher. In my home town of Des Plaines, IL. Every fire department had a direct line you could call. It would work just like 911 but I don’t think they had the ability to trace the call.

    Still, there should be a law that lets the dispatcher actually dispatch the police to the caller and arrest them for this waste of public time and tax money.

  15. Paula says:

    In some other countries, of you did that, the cops would come down and beat you up.

  16. mechanismatic says:


    Sometimes the cops are dispatched to fine or arrest the people who misuse the emergency 911 services. I recall a recent article about a woman who called 911 to have the Sheriff’s Dept. have a particular deputy come to her house because she thought he was hansome. They dispatched the deputy and he arrested her for “misuse of the emergency dispatch system.”

    Here’s the msn version of that story:

  17. medalian1 says:

    That woman should be arrested. I used to work as a police dispatcher and I can confirm the stupid calls we’d get from the public. I locked my keys in the car, can you come get them out? I think I left my purse in the rest area, can you go check? I’m broken down, come change my tire. Most often they didn’t even know where they were and wanted “free” road service. These idiots should be shot or transported to a remote island to live with one another. An island full of idiots, it would be awesome.

  18. soulgiver98 says:

    I was also a 911 operator for 18 years, and the story here is just one of many that we would get on a regular basis, yes its sad that some people have nothing better to do than take up the 911 operator’s time in calling in something we have no control over, but as any business there is problems of thier own… I once made a manager at McDonalds apoligize to an employee, her response to me was she was just stressed over the large order they had, I informed her I deal with life and death, she deals in Hamburger and French Fries… dont talk to me about stress! In some cases… some of the calls they have been filed on, and in some cities that has actually helped. Now, we need to do something about the full moon and what happens when all the nuts are out. :D