Bonnie Tyler Terrorizes AirFrance Flight

On a recent flight from France to Mauritius, Bonnie Tyler was asleep in first class when she was shaken awake by a stewardess and told the co-pilot was a big fan. He was retiring, would Bonnie mind coming up and shrieking “A Total Eclipse of the Heart” into the cheap airplane intercom? Miss Tyler was delighted.

Less delighted was a group of aesthetically maligned fellow passengers, darkly, “thought to be Belgians.” They claim to have been traumatized by the experience, fearing their safety during the celebration. Apparently, they thought that Bonnie’s voice would do to the airplane’s engines what it had already done to their eardrums: cause them to explode.

Air France denies that was ever a possibility.

Passengers complain after Tyler sings [UPI] (Thanks, Upgrade Travel!)

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