Jumping and Standing: An Inexplicable RadioShack Forum

Upon searching for an image to go along with this morning’s post on RadioShack’s recent firing of 400 employees by email, I happened to stumble across the Jumping And Standing Forum, an incredible forum devoted to… well…

    In May of 2000, nine RadioShack employees were banded together to be featured in the cover art for RadioShack’s brand-new employee guidebook. I don’t think any of us realized how it would impact the lives of ourselves and others. We’ve been rewarded with friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. Said memories will be non-existent after said lifetime ends, since we will be dead. But until then, we’ve vowed to stay friends and keep in touch always!

The forum’s founder, Ron (who has over 15,000 posts), goes on to explain the allure of the RadioShack Employee Guidebook Cover:

    My personal belief is that Radio Shack wants to send the message to its new employees that it is an exciting and dynamic company to work for. The front cover sends the message that Radio Shack will hire you no matter how dark your skin is. Also, we’re all smiling in a very welcoming matter.

I’m positive this is the gag forum of some ex-RadioShack employees with, perhaps, 15,000 posts worth of too-much-time on their hands, but I’ve been chuckling my way through it all morning. An engaging mystery with many layers of subtlety. I’m still trying to figure out why all of Michelle’s posts were deleted by the moderator… is it because she’s Asian?

The Official RadioShack Employee Guidebook Cover-Art Stand-Ins Forum [Jumping and Standing]

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