IKEA’s Catalog Makes Girls/Gays Pant and Blush

See anything interesting in this front cover fold-out image for IKEA’s 2007 product catalogue? My answer: a little child about to snap his neck. I cheered. But apparently, that’s not the answer raising eyebrows in bemused arcs across the internet.

The real answer: a lounging dog sporting a huge, human erection, tautly throbbing against his belly.

IKEA denies that the dog has a human cock. “The picture has definitely not been tampered with,” Debbie McDowell, corporate communications manager for IKEA. “We saw this particular photo when the prints came through here in Canada. …But we can definitely say this is a picture of a dog’s leg, and it is not something else.”

She may have then added that an aroused dog’s erection resembles a gooey, pink, prehensile worm snaking out of its furry loins, and that anyone who has ever seen a dalmatian sport such a monstrosity while rubbing its belly has immediately become a lifelong proponent of neutered canines.

‘Unfortunate’ photo wasn’t tampered with: IKEA [CTV.ca]


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  1. homerjay says:

    This is precicely the reason I have a girl dog.

  2. Pelagius says:

    Anyone who thinks that appendage is a dog dick has 1. a filthy mind and 2. never owned a dog.

  3. Lemurs says:

    Strange, all I see is the Virgin Mary.

  4. Pelagius nails it.

  5. Magicube says:

    So now gays are into dogs with human dicks? What’s wrong with you guys? And I agree, Pelagius nailed it.

  6. macaw says:

    Look at it through a magnifying glass?

    What you see is what you get?

    Larger than life it is what we all don’t want to believe.

  7. trujunglist says:

    neutered dogs still get erections.

    • SunnyLea says:

      I’m snickering over the fact that you commented on a 3.5 year old thread… mostly because I was so darn tempted to do the same when I read the article.

      Of course, I wasn’t sure about dogs. Thanks to my *cat* though, I know that neutered cats can still get erections and was figuring it was the same for dogs.