Yet Another Secret Level of Verizon Service You Can’t Have

George just can’t get a break. First he found out that in order to receive a mailer and get 100 free Anytime minutes from Verizon, he had to receive a mailer. In researching that matter, he found another secret door. VcastVIP. It too was locked.

Verizon offers VcastVIP for ” leaders in the entertainment community” and gives 6 months free service, 24/7 tech support and the latest phones before they’re in the stores. Since most of the VIP’s are “too busy to make it into a Verizon Wireless store to get help,” the VIP tech support team will meet you when and wherever you want, whether it’s a multi-billion mansion mortgaged to the hilt or the backroom of the nightclub financing your next historical costume drama.

George writes, “God, talk about feelings of insignificance. Not even my cell phone company things I’m special.”