Yet Another Secret Level of Verizon Service You Can’t Have

George just can’t get a break. First he found out that in order to receive a mailer and get 100 free Anytime minutes from Verizon, he had to receive a mailer. In researching that matter, he found another secret door. VcastVIP. It too was locked.

Verizon offers VcastVIP for ” leaders in the entertainment community” and gives 6 months free service, 24/7 tech support and the latest phones before they’re in the stores. Since most of the VIP’s are “too busy to make it into a Verizon Wireless store to get help,” the VIP tech support team will meet you when and wherever you want, whether it’s a multi-billion mansion mortgaged to the hilt or the backroom of the nightclub financing your next historical costume drama.

George writes, “God, talk about feelings of insignificance. Not even my cell phone company things I’m special.”


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  1. DeeJayQueue says:

    I bet he cried himself to sleep because he can’t have a black card either.

  2. Kornkob says:

    *shrug* I don’t know why this is a big deal. It’s hardly surprising that there are services that are exclusive to customers of a higher value than a bunch of Average Joes and Janes.

  3. I just think it’s silly that service industries like Verizon Wireless will ooze at their pores for celebrities to give them all sorts of free discounts and things above and beyond the normal person.

    It’s not like a celebrity doesn’t have the money to afford a normal plan.

    Furthermore, celebrities are often accused of being on the inside of a bubble when it comes to the real world. Is it any wonder that they should feel that way? If Verizon thinks you’re special then that is obviously a metric worthy of Alexander the Great himself.

  4. Botch says:

    I called the 800 number they had posted on that website. It takes straight to a voice mailbox asking you to leave a number and a technician will call you back. I guess that’s nicer than going through a million prompts.

  5. Anonymously says:

    I didn’t watch the Emmy’s, but did the annoying Riverses ask all of the celebs “so which VIP cell phone plan are you carrying?”

  6. gotbock says:

    If you’re looking to your cell provider for affirmation, then I think you’ve got bigger problems there buddy.

  7. DeeJay and S_A, you called it. Our capitalist world is rife with classism. First class seats, skyboxes, luxury cars (see Maybach) cell phone plans…this is nothing new.

    I don’t like it, but it sure beats the alternative, see

  8. creamsissle says:

    Hey, Verizon. No need for Merits or VcastVIP. I’ll settle for better coverage!

  9. Sheik says:

    “We invite you to experience our new invitation only service”

    There is our friggin invitaion right there, let me in!

  10. robbie says:

    I imagine Verizon offers this to people who can boost business by being seen with the hottest Verizon stuff: that means celebrities, “connectors,” etc. It is no different from car dealerships giving deals to celebrities to drive around in their stuff or designers loaning/selling clothes to Stars for use on the Red Carpet.

    If you can make them money by being seen with it, they’ll beg you to use it. So get busy getting famous.

  11. matto says:

    hoax. sorry. its funny, but fake:

    Domain Name: VCASTVIP.COM


    Wischmann, Andrew

    9610 Swan Lake Drive

    Granite Bay, CA 95746


  12. Kat says:

    This calls for an experiment:
    Verizon gives free phones to a bunch of celebs at an awards show
    Verizon takes equivalent sum of money spent on celeb’s phones and gives it to charity

    See which gets Verizon more publicity: giving the money to charity or having celebrities spotted with their phones. (Gawd, I hope society isn’t that doomed, that celebs would draw more publicity…)

  13. jmac32here says:

    “*shrug* I don’t know why this is a big deal. It’s hardly surprising that there are services that are exclusive to customers of a higher value than a bunch of Average Joes and Janes.”

    Mind you..VZW doesn’t seem to treat any of their customers equally. You get a different coverage map, different PRL information, different customer service, ect. All based on the kind of plan you are on, or your credit score. At least the other carriers are decent enough to be fair with all of their customers.