Jiffy Lube Scam Revealed (Again)

We talked about this back in May, but now there’s an excellent YouTube compilation of all four of the NBC4 LA’s hidden camera investigation into Jiffy Lube.

5 out of 9 places they had their car serviced at scammed them. When confronted, the mechanics say they don’t know why they did it and refer NBC to their district manager. When NBC finds the DM, he denies his identity and says he’s just a customer. Jiffy Lube corporate confirms in an email that the man was in fact the DM and said they are taking steps to make sure it never happens again.

Moral of the story: learn how to change your own oil.


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  1. JackieTreehorn says:

    Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, especially considering I just got my oil changed there last week.

    I already thought they were evil, simply because they make their employees stand out on the corner with those “No Waiting” signs when they don’t have any cars in. How humiliating.

  2. Demingite says:

    I hope the point about Jiffy Lube’s policy of having sales quotas for its stores doesn’t get lost in all this. These things are evil, short-sighted, perversity-promoting, and anti-quality. (Read “The New Economics” by W. Edwards Deming, or see http://www.deming.org.)

    There are huge parallels to AOL and the story of Vincent Ferrari and John here. The culture foisted upon that district manager, and in turn upon the mechanics, came from the top — from corporate policy and practices (most significantly including those quotas). Those employees did behave with out-and-out dishonesty, but it was either that or lose their jobs (sound familiar?).

    Again, don’t forget: $66.00 per customer!!! What if $66.00 of services aren’t APPROPRIATE FOR A GIVEN CUSTOMER? Does that matter?!?! How about making profits by actually serving customers (generating repeat business, trust, word of mouth, etc.)?

    To me, this is a huge scandal.

    As with AOL, Jiffy Lube would be most deserving to take a hit from this customer-screwing BS. Note also Jiffy Lube’s mock outrage (the one time they did agree to be on camera)….She acts like the culture of the company has nothing to do with that kind of behavior. Oh that awful “John”! He’s been let go and now it’s all better!

    Yet another AOL parallel: They apparently considered the trouble to be “getting caught” — not their practices.

    In addition to screwing customers, sales quotas can make employees’ lives a living hell. It just doesn’t have to be that way.

    (I hope someone will investigate health club chains — thinking 24 Hour Fitness in particular — too.)

  3. North of 49 says:

    This isn’t news. At least not in Canada. Marketplace does reports like this every few years. And the video report above is almost word for word as to what Marketplace finds – over charges, wrong things fixed, services not performed even though they’ve been paid for…

  4. The Bans says:

    I’m joel, I’m the man..

  5. britbrit_11 says:

    hmm, this is funny. I got my oil changed there like a month ago..they charged me 80$…AND i brought my own oil, oil filter….Then they told me that I didnt buy enough oil so they had to put some of theres in..charged me 16$ for it…weeks later i found that oil in my trunk..I was wondering what that guy was doin’ back there.

  6. Grimm_reaper says:

    Jiffy lube is a scam, and I hope everyone sends this video to 10 friends who can send it to 10 other friends. I want to see the world get on board with being aware that Jiffy lube is a joke. Then I want to see Jiffy lube go out of biz. They deserve to pay, since they were not performing the required maintenance on peoples vehicles. Can be truly damaging, especially if they decide to scam people on changing breaks. Peoples lives are at stake for driving unsafe vehicles due to lazy rip off scam places like Jiffy Lube. They need to pay before someone loses a life due to lack of maintenance from this awful company. AWARENESS SHOULD BEGIN, Put these suckers away. Lets close down Jiffy Lube by letting the world know.

    sends this Video to 10 friends and Have them do the Same.

    Jiffy Lube !!!! Burn in hell !!!!!

  7. YoshidaSauce says:

    Only at Jiffy Lube can you get charged $200 for an oil change and realize that they not also change your oil but your windshield wipers, windshield wiper fluid, air filter, anti-freeze, transmission oil, brake fluid, and maybe they’ll even toss in an air freshener. Oh but wait, you didn’t want all that stuff? Then you’re just going to have to wait in the waiting room for an hour for them to take all the shit out. I learned how to change my oil years ago and it only takes me 20 minutes max. It’s basically a 3 step process (replace oil filter, drain oil, put in oil) that is a lot easier than most people think.