Consumerist Ask Metafilter Round-Up

• My father is in his upper 50’s and his wife is in her early 50’s. They don’t have health insurance, but they do have a “health cost sharing plan.” I think it’s hooey. But they think it’s great. I’m worried they are going to get sick and be in alot of trouble without some real health insurance. [Link]

• Is drinking mouthwash actually harmful to anything other than your social standing? [Link]

• I’m obsessed with trying different shampoos. Do you find that any of them actually do what they say, as far as making your hair shinier/straighter/less frizzy/less poufy etc?[Link]

• CarRepairFilter: Help me figure out what’s going on with my usually well-behaved car, and what, if anything, it might have to do with a letter I got from Acura back in January… [Link]

• My window air conditioner smells like pee when it’s on. There is a roof deck immediately above this window. We are on good terms with the tenants up there, but they have guests over pretty often. [Link]

• My new flat is not ready to move into after two weeks following the start of my new lease. Should I withhold rent or would that be starting off on the wrong foot? [Link]

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