IDT Energy Snookering Queens Residents After Blackouts

Looks like IDT Energy reseller is still up to its old tricks. This time they’re targeting Queens residents after the recent ConEd blackouts, sometimes even posing as ConEd workers.

Jonathan, who works for a deregulated energy company says if anyone mistakenly signs up with IDT, “they can call Con Ed to come back.”

He adds he’s, “had experience with door-to-door marketers and that’s one reason my company stopped using them several years ago.”

Scam Warning In Wake Of Blackouts” [Queens Tribune]


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  1. Yaotl says:

    I was a wee bit bored and perhaps drunk when the IDT salesman told me his pitch, but after reading the contract that night, I immediately called and cancelled. I called IDT though, not ConEd to switch back. I think the grace period for the contract was 3 days. They got everyone else in the building too.