Verizon Strangely Helpful

Verizon is inviting people to call in and get their calling plan reduced.

Two days ago customers received an email exhorting them to, “Call today for a FREE Price Plan Analysis to make sure you’re still on the best plan for your needs.”

The number is 1-800-735-6591. We would call it and record it and see what it’s all about but we just cancelled our Verizon account and moved to Cambodia, so, ya know.

Source email inside for no special reason.

UPDATE: For at least one reader, calling the number above only exposed him to a series of 3 upsells. No discounts or ways to save money were offered.


Very suspicious.


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  1. Ben Popken says:

    Jay writes:

    “First time caller, long time reader! I just called that Verizon Wireless Price Plan analysis and didn’t really get anything out of it. Right now I have a family share account with 2 phones. I don’t use nearly all my minutes per month and I don’t use the phone for surfing the interweb or downloading music or video. After verifying my info, the CSR make three attempts to upsell my service (adding V-Cast, signing a 3 year agreement in exchange for 100 extra minutes per month, and adding more lines to my account). Needless to say, there we’re any discounts or service changes offered to save me money. In all, I just exposed myself to a sales call without the usual intrusiveness of a cold-calling CSR. Not terribly useful unless, I assume, you got hosed on a horreneous contract. Just thought you should know. Thanks for the great work. “

  2. Anonymously says:

    From the ad:

    “Price plan changes may require contract extensions.”

    They’re just trying to get you locked in for another 2 years, the dirty bastards.

  3. I’ve been with Verizon for years, although not on purpose (they’ve been the only coverage I could get in the last two places I lived), and I’ve actually had reasonably good experiences with their “plan analysis,” which they generally do for customers once a year. Yeah, they want you to re-up for another 12 to 24 months, but who else was I going to sign with? Nobody else had coverage.

    What annoyed me, though, was that they used to CALL you if you were using less than X% of your minutes or going X% over your minutes so you could re-optimize your plan. I LOATHE that kind of call. Now I get text messages telling me what # to call if I want to re-optimize. Much better.

    I actually hate Verizon and think they have among the worst customer service on the planet, but their plan optimization isn’t a bad deal/service … as long as you’re going to be sticking with Verizon.

  4. zingbot says:

    Perhaps I’m in a good service wormhole, but I’ve consistently had only the best service from Verizon on the phone, but HORRIBLE service in the stores. Everyone looks miserable at Verizon stores in NYC. With the reps on the phone my issues (of which there are few now but were plentiful a few years ago) are taken care of really quickly always in my favor.

    And I got the same call as Eyebrows and saved 20.00 a month for years because of it. Can’t hate that, though a text message is much, much better.