Operation FTB: Taco Bell Sauce Dumping Video

I officially hate these Taco Bell jackasses now. Pedestrian rhetoric and wooting in the Taco Bell parking lot leads to storming a busy Taco Bell and disrupting everyone’s meal as they just completely trash the place by dropping 400 pounds worth of garbage on the floor. They claim that they “returned the sauce out of kindness” after rejecting the idea of using it as a prank, but come on… this was the prank.

Taco Bell remains level-headed in their statement:

    “We do appreciate this person’s passion for Taco Bell. We don’t encourage people to take out our sauce, but we appreciate them being so forthcoming. We’re not sure what we will do with the sauce, but we will NOT be serving it to customers.”

I hate these guys and their doofus alterna-rock metal soundtrack. Let’s hope this video leads to some hilarious arrests.

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  1. Paul D says:


  2. geel says:

    two words for them night vision its standard on almost all cameras

  3. marge says:

    guys like this are the reason i could barely stand being in any social situation that presented itself in college. hopefully they’ll be too dstracted with beer bongs to attempt any more retarded pranks with no real reason behind them.

  4. Frank Grimes says:

    Fucktards, asshats, any made up curse word for these idiots won’t do them justice.