Man Arrested For Calling Too Many Operators

In a story that would never happen in America, a Japanese man was arrested after making over 37,000 calls to telephone operators because he just enjoyed the sound of their voice.

“When I made a complaint call once, the operator dealt with it very kindly, so I wanted to hear these women’s voices,” Kenji Sasaki told Hiroshima police.

Police said the calls resulted in “psychological distress” for over 100 operators. In one banner day, he made 905 calls from his mobile phone.

You know he wasn’t just listening for the pin drop.

(Thanks to Jpac!)


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  1. rainrunner87 says:

    Not a chance that could happen here. We don’t have operators that nice.

  2. RandomHookup says:

    Plus here the phone companies would charge extra for operator assistance and encourage him to call.

  3. Slackferno says:

    I’m a call center lifer, and I’ve been invited by many customers to join them as the enjoy some special alone time. Ickiest—last summer I temped as a wireless directory assistance op and I repeatedly got a guy asking me to slowly repeat the words “Clorox Disinfectant Bleach.”