Turns Out You CAN Get Insurance Insurance

In discussing Tom’s tale of insurance woe, several people quipped that we should have insurance for your insurance. You know, pay a small monthly deductible so that in the event of emergency where your insurance company refuses to pay up… CR, who works for a claims adjustment and management company, says:

    “Its called re-insurance and most of it comes from Lloyds of London who will pay claims that are deemed covered, but will take there time to do so. I’m sure that a clerical error would constitute an error under CIGNA’s Errors and Omissions coverage (E&O).”

“The only problem is getting that info to submit a claim is nearly impossible.”

Moral of the story: don’t get sick.


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  1. why not says:

    What about additional insurance/coverage like AFLAC (cuack!!)?, is it worth it?, or should I just get a 2nd job and save that salary exclusively, should something like that happen to me or my love ones?

  2. The_Truth says:

    Weeell, rule of thumb is that if your insurance does not cover you well enough, go get better insurance.

    Ideally you cap out at about $1million before they will refuse treatment (Thats high enough that you shouldent have to worry about anything).

    Getting double insurance is really not a good idea, unless you really distrust your insurance co. but then maybe you should be considering switching anyways.

    Personally I like United Healthcare.

    My wife works in the medical insurance field and all these stories are pretty much standard fare. Bascially if it all goes down hill as has been posted, just stick with it and sooner or later it will work itself out.

    Heck even without insurace you can still get covered….

  3. Dashiell says:

    I thought re-insurance was for insurance companies. (To cover losses from major disasters, like a hurricane.) Can individuals buy it too?

  4. Kendra says:

    I’ve been waiting 10 years for insurance to pay up for reconstructive surgery, they always have a battle about the word “congenital.”

    I wasn’t born this way, it happened, so pay up.

    Three insurance companies later, no one pays up.

    Moral is, move to a socialist country, or start putting the money aside you pay for insurance into a bank account, and pay for surgeries your d@mn self.