TWC Blacksout

Richard called Time Warner Cable to ask when his service would be restored. The rep wouldn’t tell him specifically, or stray from her script, including the part where she upsells him…

TIME WARNER: Sir, I see that we provide you with digital television and Road Runner high speed Internet, would you be interested in a special package that would also include phone service?

RICHARD: Are you kidding me?

TIME WARNER: No. It’s a great deal and it will cost you much less than you’re being charged by your current provider [Verizon].

RICHARD: You misunderstood me. I wasn’t expressing surprise over the great deal. Uh, Forgive me for stating the obvious, but if I was using your phone service right now we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

TIME WARNER: How do you mean sir?

RICHARD: I mean that my phone service would be down along with my television and Internet connection.

TIME WARNER: Our service has been rated the most reliable by….[ CLICK]

I can see that the shit we sold you before is broken, how would you like to buy some more? They really just want you on the phone plan so when service shuts down, you can’t call in and complain.


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  1. robbie says:

    i don’t know if i’ll ever be comfortable having all forms of communication routed through one company’s box. nevermind everything going down at once, switching services becomes a nightmare. and they know that.

  2. Paul D says:

    At least once a month I get a nice little letter from Insight
    Communications (my cable company) with an offer for phone service in
    addition to my broadband and digital cable TV.

    No thanks.

  3. LTS! says:

    I had TWC make a note in my customer profile that I am not and never would be interested in their phone package because it’s too expensive. I told them that they can offer it to me when it’s $20/month. Until then there are a litany of VOIP providers I can choose from with more features and less price.

    It’s worked. I’ve called a few times since then and not once been offered digital phone.

  4. Triteon says:

    I have no sympathy for Richard– inconvenienced by not having TV or internet for 17 hours when electrical substations are going down and rolling blackouts are effecting thousands due to extreme weather is not cause for alarm. Though I’ll give that the CSR just followed his script like an automoton.
    I live in St. Louis, and due to two severe storms in July several hundred thousand homes lost power for days (tens of thousands lost power for over a week) during a stretch when temperatures reached the upper 90s and lower 100s. That’s a reason to panic, not a day without internet.

  5. aka Cat says:

    Triteon —

    I don’t see any panic, and I don’t think Richard’s looking for sympathy.

    Otoh, TW’s csr script is really fubar if they’re trying to sell additional services to people whose service has gone out!

  6. GenXCub says:

    I can see why people would have problems with all services from one company, however, when my cable and internet (Cox communications) has been consistently good, and my phone service (Sprint… er, Embarq…puke) is such crap (But I need a landline for work), I get tempted by it since those are my only choices in Las Vegas (too many horror stories from vonage to even want to go there)

  7. a day without the interwebs is like a day without….sunshine?

  8. The Reviewer says:

    Man that is a good deal!

  9. AcidReign says:

    …..Charter Cable sells stuff when you call their support line because of horrible, snowy reception. “Well sir, if you were to upgrade to Digital cable for just $3 more for 3 months, your picture might improve.” Bastards.

    …..On the rolling blackout issue, I have to commend my local power company. They’ve kept it all running this summer, and it’s been hot. Good job, Alabama Power and Southern Company! My parents have an all-electric cabin on Lookout Mountain serviced by TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority), and they’ve had a LOT of blackouts.

  10. Plasmafire says:

    I find that I have fairly decent TWC customer service, as long as you don’t ask them questions about routers. They don’t like routers all that much, and prefer to ignore their existance as much as possible. Last time their remote relay station wherever that is broke down and I was stuck on dial up for 3 days. But at least the technician that was investigation my neighbors problem was nice and told me what was happening… just wish the outages were less frequent and shorter lived.

  11. Jim C. says:

    Comcast did this for a while, too. I can’t remember tha last time I had been so incredibly angry. Only a complete idiot could think this was a good idea.