Another Corpse Billed by AOL

Now that AOL’s dissolved their call centers and gone free, we certainly hope that all billing issues customers have been wrestling with have been resolved. In particular, their habit of continuing to bill the dead.

Remember AOL Wants to Eat the Dead? Or AOL Wants to Sell Internet to the Dead? AOL-owned Netscape called bullshit on these stories.

And yet, they still keep on flooding in. The latest comes via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and details Maxine Gauthier’s nine month struggle to cancel the AOL account of her dead father. She’s called dozens of times, most of these occasions ending with the (now laid-off) representative hanging up on her. They just didn’t believe the man was dead.

As proof, Gauthier tried to fax in her father’s obituary. AOL’s reaction? “An AOL service guy told me to stop complaining and learn to use a computer,” she said. “Then he hung up.”

Someone should fax AOL’s death certificate and prove to them that they are truly dead.

Even dead people can’t escape AOL [] (Thanks, Nick!)

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