EXCLUSIVE: Every Phone Number For TWC Level 3 Tech Support

Your Time Warner Cable is messing up. It can’t be fixed by merely turning the modem on and off. You’ve called technical support but they’re useless. You need Level 3 Tech support. That’s the tier at which they can actually help you with the more difficult technical problems.

But why bother begging for Level 3 from the laminated manual guy, when you’ve got the direct phone number?

We’ve got the numbers for every state serviced, inside.

We suggest saving the picture to your computer in case of emergency (nothing like the key being locked in the safe)…

UPDATE: Some of these phone numbers are out of service or only go to level 2. We’re sorry if this hurts your feelings. We provided the document “as is.”

Download as an excel sheet.



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  1. Kornkob says:

    I’d be surprised if those numbers last the day. Once TW realizes they are leaked I suspect they’ll take steps to a) change the nubmers and b) make sure those numbers can only be called internally (if they aren’t already).

  2. Paula says:

    Will they take your call, though, if you call directly? Or do they only take transfers from levels 1 and 2?

  3. Ben Popken says:

    Yup, they take your call directly. I called and a man picked up within seconds and he wanted to help me.

  4. SamC says:

    Okay, I see one major error on this list. Which, obviously, makes the entire list suspect.

    The number listed for Portland, Maine 800-253-8853 is definitely wrong. That line is a FAX line for a company called Baker & Taylor. (Google is your friend.)

    Also, I know the tech support hours (in Portland, obviously) are wrong too. Those used to be the hours for regular tech support, which has since been expanded to cover a longer range… That would have been a few years ago, which would make me think that this list is a little on the agèd side.

    I think someone (who isn’t me) should try the numbers out and send an e-mail to Ben (or tips@…).

  5. LLH says:

    the listing for los angeles is a 714 area code – that’s NOT LA, that’s the OC man! BIG difference and about an hour drive away from LA. hhhmmm.

  6. njsykora says:

    I have a suggestion, start checking all this stuff before rushing to post it and getting burned. I swear this site loses more credibility every day.

  7. Tonguetied says:

    Just because some of the numbers are off doesn’t make all the numbers wrong. Numbers change. An old directory will have a good percentage of numbers that are bad but it will also have a good percentage that are still good after a few years.

  8. burgerdog says:

    the los angeles number now seems to go to regular customer service.

  9. burgerdog says:

    edit: looks like the number is still good. I just got throuh to someone and they were helpful.

  10. smac972 says:

    I’ve worked for Time Warner Roadrunner which has dropped our contract (Canadian dollar too high I figure), so now I’ll be working for Charter. We previously supported Level 2, and, as a call centre, managed a fairly high competency level.

    95% of calls in regarding cable internet were computer related issues, but we’d try to fix them anyways.

    Calling the “Los Angeles” tier 3 support group could end you up anywhere. They’re call centres. There’s more than one tier 2. There’s more than one tier 3 and any chance one has of actually speaking to a “Time Warner” employee is slim to none.

    It’s not as if getting to a Tier 3 group gets one an automatic transfer to someone with a degree in computer science. It could be an 18 year old high school drop out that took a 3 week training in “tier 3 support”. At the the drop of a hat, TWC could for whatever reason decide that a centre handling tier 2 calls would now be handling tier 3 calls and visa versa.

    In fact, late last year, during the whole Comcast/Adelphia/Roadrunner, it seemed an entire LA tier 3 centre was brought down and a new one replaced it with brand new people. We had tier 3 people asking us questions.

    Smoke and mirrors.

  11. DanGarion says:

    You are an idiot. I actually at one time worked for Time Warner Cable, not Stream (which is probably who you worked for, probably up in Kamaloops?).

    The Los Angeles Tier 3 Group was always a Time Warner Cable employed group from the day the team launched in April 1999 to present. As for the change in the LA Tier 3 group after the CC/ADEL/RR change they moved the Tier 3 group to Colorado Springs, which is the location for the Time Warner Cable Los Angeles Call Center, still full Time Warner Cable LA employees just located in CO. Currently they are in the process of splitting the Tier 3 group into three and there will be some local Orange County / Inland Empire people doing Tier 3 for the OC/IE customers of Time Warner Cable. Get your facts straight before you start talking about any specific Time Warner Division, especially if you never worked directly for the company.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This comment comes in about 2.5 years after the original posting. I just called the number for my city and a man picked up right away and resoolved my issue within 5 minutes. He asked for the phone number associated with my account, because “tier II didn’t tell him anything” and the we rolled forward. All of this after about 30 minutes of heartache trying to get Time Warner to pick up. Sorry for all of you who’ve enjoyed trashing the poster, but right now I think he’s a god. Thanks, thanks, and thanks.