Steal Bandwidth From 419 Scammers

Beyond merely laughing at duped 419 scammers, now you can help shut down their fake banks by stealing their bandwidth.

Simply open up a new window and go to Lad Vampire. The screen hosts images from known online scam banks. The javascript site claims to have shut down over 450+ banks.

At least, for the time being.


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  1. steve says:

    To clear up a few questions that are bound to be asked:
    No, this isn’t a DOS or DDOS- they simply request images from the pages in question and as soon as it sends back any request other than okay, it pauses for at least 15 minutes, and after 3 tries it stops requesting from the site.

    They only do this process once all other avenues have failed: letter writting, emails, requests to the site hosts to take down the site, and abuse requests.

    These guys have been around for a few years- they also have a standalone tool, the Mugu Marauder which you can run alongside or instead of using the main site.

    Also, the main page at one point (might still do so) reloads itself every 2 minutes.

    A final point is that they host one of the largest, most comprehensive databases of fake banks.

  2. Very nice find…bookmarked.

  3. Hooray4Zoidberg says:

    Most of these scam sites are hosted on accounts purchased with a stolen credit card. You really aren’t stealing from the scammer, but rather helping to rack up the charges on some poor guy who’s identity got stolen.

    I read a good article about escrow scams a while back which explained in detail the 5 stages these scams go through. Step one is acquiring someone else credit card so you can fund the subsequent steps.

  4. RandomHookup says:

    “Bandwith”? Are we sure Consumerist isn’t really being edited by a Nigerian prince with a high speed connection?