Australian Steals $30,000 From Nigerian Fraudsters

We all know the sad story: scam artists based in Nigeria dupe an innocent foreigner into forwarding fraudulent payments on to an accomplice, and end up out thousands of their own dollars and in legal trouble. A 23-year old Australian woman flipped the scenario around when she kept all of the ill-gotten cash she was meant to launder and spent it on herself. The best (worst?) part? She didn’t even know that her “employers” were out to scam her. [More]

BP Gulf-Sized Spilling Occurs In Nigeria Annually, But Nobody Cares

BP Gulf-Sized Spilling Occurs In Nigeria Annually, But Nobody Cares

For America, the BP spill in the Gulf is a “tragedy that never should have happened,” requiring, “the largest environmental response in this country’s history. In Nigeria, they just call it “Thursday.” [More]

Nigeria Demands Apology For District 9

Nigeria Demands Apology For District 9

On a roll from demanding an apology from Sony for insinsuating the country was a haven for scams, Nigeria is demanding an apology from the makers of District 9 for portraying Nigeria as full of gangsters and cannibals. They also want the movie to be re-edited so all the Nigerian gangsters are taken out.

Clothing Sold In Africa Made in China… India… Somewhere

Clothing Sold In Africa Made in China… India… Somewhere

A few weeks ago, we brought to you a story of counterfeit antimalarials from China being labeled as “Made in India,” then sold in Nigeria. Turns out it’s not just drugs.

Stay Away From The Nigerian Tutoring Scam

Stay Away From The Nigerian Tutoring Scam

Are you a student looking for a summer or long-term tutoring gig? Be sure to stay away from the foreign tutoring scam, especially if you’re looking for work on Craigslist.

Nigerian Advance Fee Scams Become Only Slightly More Plausible

Nigerian Advance Fee Scams Become Only Slightly More Plausible

Good news, everyone! The advance fee fraud scammers of Nigeria have decided to stop fussing with old-fashioned checks and wire transfers, and have switched to an advanced new technology. They’re called “ATM cards.” Shiny!

Citibank Sends Nigerian Scammer $27 Million

Citibank Sends Nigerian Scammer $27 Million

37-year-old Nigerian scammer Paul Gabriel Amos convinced Citibank officials to wire him $27 million belonging to Ethiopia. Rather than go with the usual Nigerian nom de plumes like prince or will executor, Famous Amos pretended to be an official with the National Bank of Ethiopia. Amos forged “official-looking” documents that confirmed his status with the central bank and instructed Citibank to await faxes telling them where to send the country’s cash.

No, You Should Not Give Nigerian Scammers $150,000 To Claim Your Inheritance

No, You Should Not Give Nigerian Scammers $150,000 To Claim Your Inheritance

They met Rempel the next day with a suitcase. They said it had $10.6 million in shrink-wrapped U.S. bills. Rempel wanted more proof. His new friends pulled out one bill and “cleansed” it with a liquid “formula,” which washed off some kind of stamp. Rempel was told that process made the money “legal tender.”

Getting Nigerian Email Scammed, A First-Person Story

Getting Nigerian Email Scammed, A First-Person Story

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you responded to one of those Nigerian scam emails, offering fabulous riches for just a small amount of work? Here’s the story from an unsuspecting college student who totally fell for one. An impecunious immigrant to this country from rural China, he made the perfect target for “Dr. Mike Johnson.” The good doctor was looking to hire some employees. The job? Cashing Traveler’s Cheques and forwarding the money on to Nigeria… In other words, the job was to be a victim of check fraud. Here’s the story…

A Round-Up Of Work From Home Scams

A Round-Up Of Work From Home Scams

Every day, I receive emails informing me that I can make up to a $1,000 a day, working from home. I smirk knowingly and click Thunderbird’s ‘Spam’ button. No duh, I can. I’m a professional blogger. We’re millionaires, largely paid to sit in our kitchen table in our underpants all day, drinking beer and evacuating our flatulent thoughts upon the world at large.

419 Scam Raid In Action

Here’s a sexy beeb video of a Nigerian cybercafe getting busted for sending out spam-scams. As thrilling as it is to see these jerks arrested, the EFCC’s job has to be akin to whack-a-mole.

Steal Bandwidth From 419 Scammers

Steal Bandwidth From 419 Scammers

Beyond merely laughing at duped 419 scammers, now you can help shut down their fake banks by stealing their bandwidth.

Hungry? Eat a 419 Scammer

Hungry? Eat a 419 Scammer

If you’re sick of receiving investment opportunities from princesses and dying cancer patients, you may enjoy