Head-On Watch Continues

It’s been a busy week for HeadOn. After making the blog rounds, it was the subject of a Slate feature and it burbled up to national media, appearing on the Nightly News, MSNBC and NPR’s “Day to Day.”

Simultaneously, YouTubers have started remixing the original in perverse new ways.

No reports on whether the damn stuff works or not.

More video goodness, inside.

A remix emphasizing its creep factor.

Make made it into a ringtone.

Someone call a lifeguard, a shark just got jumped!


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  1. thespunk says:

    One lonely soul posted a review of this product on e-pinion.

    “HeadOn – Burns the skin!

    by xraymidget ,Jan 24 ’06

    Pros: I can’t think of any.

    Cons: Causes burning and irritation.

    I tried HeadOn headache relief for the first time. I used it according to the directions and within a few minutes the skin on my forehead began to become irritated. It was “cold” and “burning” at the same time! I tried to wash it off with soap and water but the irritation only got worse. After about 20 or 30 minutes the burning sensation stopped. It didn’t seem to do much for my headache either. I’m not at all impressed with this product.”

    What I’m worried about is that other companies are going to begin copying this “ingenious” advertising style.

    Jeep has a new commercial for the Jeep Compass forces the following lyrics down our ear-holes a few too many times to not become annoying.

    “Said he bouncin’ in Jeep on da New York Streets.” At least I think that’s what they’re getting their rap on about.

    By the end of the this Jeep commercial, I have the intense urge to viciously destroy a bobble-head.

    See it here:

  2. buck09 says:

    HeadOn is a homeopathic treatment, which means it doesn’t contain any active ingredients.

    Which means that they really don’t need a broad product line – HeadOn is equally effective on your had as it is shoved deep within your rectum.