Butter Trough Hoax?

Has The Butter Trough run dry?

Sebastian lives in the Georgia Tech area and went to investigate 6346 Lynch Av. “I drove down the entire street, where friends of mine used to live, and there is no sign of such an address, or anything even close,” he says.

Google Maps can’t find the locale either. There is a Lynch Av just north of G-tech but only with residences in the 400-600 block range. Website directions instructs visitors to follow I85/75, exiting onto Howell Mill Road until reaching Lynch, a connection not seen on the maps.

The phone number is disconnected. 411 had no listing.

None of this stopped reviewer JoyPeters… …

“If you are looking for a hearty dinner for the whole family and entertainment while you eat, this is a great place.”

Nor did it stop the Trough from being listed here, here, or from posting job openings.

Under “Corporate Information”, the site says, “In 2005 our first Restaurant…opened in beautiful Atlanta, GA… The 25,000 square foot facility houses our flagship restaurant as well as our corporate headquarters.”

Twenty-five thousand square feet? That’s like a city-block warehouse.

It’s certainly a lotta space for free butter, ad supported or not.

We’re calling fakies and guess The Butter Trough is a Georgia Tech class project.

Too bad!

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