Butter Trough Hoax?

Has The Butter Trough run dry?

Sebastian lives in the Georgia Tech area and went to investigate 6346 Lynch Av. “I drove down the entire street, where friends of mine used to live, and there is no sign of such an address, or anything even close,” he says.

Google Maps can’t find the locale either. There is a Lynch Av just north of G-tech but only with residences in the 400-600 block range. Website directions instructs visitors to follow I85/75, exiting onto Howell Mill Road until reaching Lynch, a connection not seen on the maps.

The phone number is disconnected. 411 had no listing.

None of this stopped reviewer JoyPeters… …

“If you are looking for a hearty dinner for the whole family and entertainment while you eat, this is a great place.”

Nor did it stop the Trough from being listed here, here, or from posting job openings.

Under “Corporate Information”, the site says, “In 2005 our first Restaurant…opened in beautiful Atlanta, GA… The 25,000 square foot facility houses our flagship restaurant as well as our corporate headquarters.”

Twenty-five thousand square feet? That’s like a city-block warehouse.

It’s certainly a lotta space for free butter, ad supported or not.

We’re calling fakies and guess The Butter Trough is a Georgia Tech class project.

Too bad!


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  1. I also just noticed that on the menu page it says the butter is “Made from only organic minerals.” I’m not an expert but I think that Butter is a dairy product that is made entirely of milk. It also mentions the “butterskimmer” brand butter cup, and I can find no evidence that such a company exists.

  2. KevinQ says:

    I didn’t want to have to do this, but I broke out the whois.

    Whois for thebuttertrough.com gives you a “WhoisGuard Protected” entry. However, it does list the name servers, dns1.circusofthedamned.com. http://www.circusofthedamned.com takes you to a minimalist website, with a very strange streaming video, and a link to The Butter Trough.

    Whois-ing circusofthedamned.com gives you contact information for one Joseph Donaldson, with an email address in the domain of donaldsonemail.com. Donaldsonemail.com takes you to a sort of family home page, which includes a post about, and link to, The Butter Trough.

    I suspect that Joseph Donaldson is responsible for The Butter Trough website. I’ve sent him an email to ask him about it. If he responds, I’ll post it here.


  3. Ben Popken says:

    Maybe the idea is to lure people into the Butter Trough and fatten them up and then The Carver comes after them.

  4. Lesley says:

    And I was going to make a special trip to Atlanta for this…

    Somebody’s worked hard to make this place look as legit as possible (considering it doesn’t exist).

  5. thrillhouse says:

    I’ve glanced at their site… How is it that people thought this place was real? a 60ft butter trough? for what? What kind of place would want patrons dipping a cup into a molten hot butter? you people are strange.

  6. RandomHookup says:

    Perhaps the fact they have Google ads on their homepage should have been a giveway.

  7. To the naysayers who disagreed with us non-believers of the trough, I say ‘ha!’.

  8. thrillhouse says:

    you can have your ‘trough’. I’ll still have my Bucket of Food in Chicago.

  9. mrmcd says:

    There there’s this site:


    Very similar to the circusofthedamned.com site

  10. mrmcd says:

    Search Results for [reverse DNS – mail.legionofdoom.us]

    12 Results for (Justduckyguild.com)
    1. buttertrough.com
    2. circusofthedamned.com
    3. donaldsonemail.com
    4. dreadwurx.com
    5. haynesemail.com
    6. justduckyguild.com
    7. kinkscene.com
    8. legionofdoom.us
    9. neuralspark.net
    10. thebuttertrough.com
    11. tinydancerstudios.com
    12. turklish.com

    Looks more and more like some bored college student’s web project. One of those site has a photo album if you’re curious.

  11. mactbone says:

    I have no idea if it’s related or not, but the show Tom Goes to the Mayor features a Joy Peters who is very large and always near food. The show is on the Adult Swim block of Cartoon Network which is run by Williams Street in Atlanta, Georgia. This is probably all coincidence, but I know other shows have created websites for fake products that were featured in a show. They haven’t used the Butter Trough in the show but the second season just started. This is all baseless conjecture that started when I saw the name Joy Peters.

  12. MrEleganza says:

    I noticed “Joy Peters” too, but I didn’t think of the Williams St/Atlanta connection.

    I just took a look at the TGTTM wikipedia page, where they have a synopsis of the upcoming season two episodes, and none of them seem to indicate anything about a new restaurant, though. Then again, the synopses are just a couple of sentences…