Soylent Soy

Soy sauce. The 1800 year old condiment of kings! Splashed on Chinese noodles, garnished on hamburgers, drizzled across salad, there’s scarcely anything short of ice cream or a lover’s belly soy sauce doesn’t taste great on.

It is a condiment well in demand all over the world, but particularly in China… so much in demand that a counterfeit soy trade has emerged, making soy sauce out of liquefied human hair.

In a stunning report from… we’re not joking… “Queers World Research”, it was discovered that thousands of gallons of artificial soy sauce in the Hubei province was being created by stewing discarded, dandruffed follicles recovered from barber shops. The worst part? Because the hair was swept up from the floors of barber shops and hair salons and dumped straight into the soy vats, the hair is mixed with “condoms, used hospital cottons, used menstrual pads and used syringes”.

What the hell kind of barbershops is China operating, anyway?

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