Monday Morning Reader Round-Up

It’s Monday Morning. A fresh week of consumerist complaint awaits us! With approximately one million, seven hundred thousand customer service calls fielded per day (source: our ass), even if an optimistic 0.01% of those calls is fielded by a cretinous sack, that is a yield of over 17,000 unsatisfactory customer service interactions. Slimy bottom feeders that we are, we want to hear about them!

If you’re totally off base, there is, of course, a chance you might end up finding yourself ridiculed instead of the company. That’s something you should know going in. We’re not here to suck anyone off: ultimately, our mission is to preach responsible consumerism, and that means stamping down hard on the spines of self-entitled, whiny complaints as much as biting away at the corporate behemoths. Frivolous complaints unreasonably voiced cheapen the cause. But it’s easy to avoid this: we like reasonable, intelligent consumers who do everything in their power to resolve a situation amiably before they contact us, not the guys who start screaming seconds into a phone call with a CSR. Anyone with any introspection should be able to realize if they are the former, rather than the latter.

But our audience is largely intelligent, full of vim, throbbing with consumerist pride but not self-righteousness. Which is why we almost always love to hear from you. So if you’re having a problem, write us. Let us help. We want to help.

Last week’s reader’s stories after the jump.

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