• Cingular. Giftcard. Eternity. A new fragrance not offered by your favorite wireless provider. [Advice Goddess]
• UPS tries to deliver his $1500 server to his neighbors. [Wonko]
• A friendly change in perspective transforms on hold into fun. [The Everyday Adventures of Sabrina]
• -$760 in the bank. Paypal wanted to wait 60 days before returning his money. [Mat]
• Under $50 on your AT&T rewards card? You may have to contact your attorney general to get it. [Bargaineering]
• Internet sales tax is a Communist front. [The Red Tape Chronicles]


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  1. Thanks for the link Consumerist! (Bargaineering)

  2. Kat says:

    Regarding the gift card post, Advice Goddess copypasted the following exception to the “giftcards cannot expire rule:”

    “A gift card that can be used with multiple sellers of goods or services that are not affiliated may contain an expiration date. If so, the expiration date must be printed on the card.”

    Now, Cingular may have changed its giftcard policies in the past year, but I’m currently expecting a phone rebate from Cingular via a Visa pre-loaded card that can be accepted anywhere Visa is. Doesn’t that mean that the above exception applies?

  3. Amy Alkon000 says:

    That sounds like it falls under the multiple sellers rule. If my card were accepted anywhere Visa is, I’d have no problem using it. But, I buy my cell phone crap at, where an earbud for my Sony Ericksson is about $2.10, no kidding. I’ll use that $50 when I need a new phone. And phones in America are so behind and ugly compared to phones in Europe, I’m not buying a new one anytime soon – unless my T68i breaks.

    Another tip – if you have an old phone…why are you paying insurance for it? I saved about $50 a year by canceling my phone insurance.