Thieves Target Craigslist Posters

A rash of robberies in the Bay Area reveals a disturbing trend of computer literate thugs targeting Craigslist users for muggings. According to police reports, several Craigslist users were robbed at gunpoint by people they thought they were meeting to sell goods to.

Two Craiglists robbers we posted about previously were arrested last Wednesday. One of the teenage duo pulled a silver handgun and took the 11 hoodies they were to buy. They drove off, leaving behind a yell of, “This is West Pittsburg” as their parthian shot.

Tips for not getting jacked on the C-List:

• Meet in a public place, preferably inside.
• Use the buddy system.
• Keep your wits about you. If the situation is playing out weird, walk away.
• Always roll up strapped with the nine nickle.

Craigslist Users Hit By Robbers” [SFGate]

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