Spirit Air Endorses Jeb Bush in $20.08

If you like to leave your politics on the ground when you fly, you might be interested in this new promotion Spirit Air is running.

Likewise, if you like to take them with you.

It’s the 10th “named” sale Spirit has held this year. Previous sales included “Eddie,” celebrating the 50’s, “Alonzo,” “Diego,” and “Gracie Sue,” exalting the equestrian delights.

Upgrade to Spirit Air Plus” [Spiritair.com via Jaunted]


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  1. Jesse in Japan says:

    The “Xtra 6 inches” sounds intriguing.

  2. Magicube says:

    Yeah, are you sure this doesn’t go with the subsequent spam post? Will I be able to put a hollow in the Florida Republican Party if I upgrade?

  3. “Click here to get your Xtra 6 Inches”

    I can’t even touch that, it snarks itself.