The News; Now in 3-D!

• Disease downgraded to “Miffed.” [LAT] “U.S. to Trim Mad Cow Tests”
• Hedge funds on putting out markers on Spitzer’s gubernatorial campaign. They’re putting it all on black. And red. A smidge on green, too, for compositional balance. [DealBook] “Going Long on Eliot Spitzer”
• Nothing new here, every time Hollywood goes into the red, they just add a blue lens. [CT] “Watch Out! 3-D Is Back; Studios Say It’s Improved”
• When a caller tried to rectify the situation, the rep also tried to sell him on DSL. First things first, buddy. [WP] “Verizon Overbills 11,000 Customers”
• A case of burning laptops melting a hole in your money. [NYT] “Dell Expects Earnings to Fall Short”
• Quote of the week: “Dismissing this case at the outset would sacrifice liberty for no apparent enhancement of security.” [HoustonChronicle] “Judge Refuses to Dismiss EFF’s Spying Lawsuit Against US Government”

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