The News; Say it With Brio, Say it With Bernake!

• If you rub his forehead the right way, inflation goes down, but time is running out for Fed Reserve occultists to discover the correct polish sequence. [NYT] “Fed Chief Optimistic on Inflation”
• The pigs are flying! The pigs are flying! [NYT] “Southwest and American Air Report Profits”
• The best iPod replacement headphones are also the cheapest, aka Sennheiser is the emperor. [LAT] “Upgrading Those White Earphones? Don’t Go by Price”
• Chicago Tribune to catch up with Wall Street Journal catching up to USAToday. [CT] “Tribune Considering Ads On Section Fronts”
• Maybe there’s something to it, if kids are playing the crappy kinds of games found on General Mills KidZone’s type sites, they’re obviously not getting enough vitamins and minerals to the brain. [CT] “Is it a Game or an Advertisement? As foodmakers tailor Web sites to children, consumer advocates find little nutritional value.”
• Consumer affairs just got a whole lot sexier! [WP] “Avoiding Customer Service Nightmares”


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  1. Morton Fox says:

    Poor Bernanke.

    Raise interest rates = Kill the housing market.
    Lower interest rates = Kill the dollar.

    He needs a head-rub.

  2. On the headphone tip- I (and anyone else who’s ever bought a pair) highly highly recommend Koss Porta-pro headphones. They’re like $35 on Amazon, they’re super comfortable, and the sound is downright amazing, even when you don’t consider how cheap they are. Bonus points for New Yorkers: they look kinda old school, so they’re not so attention grabbing to ipod thieves, plus since they’re not inner ear, you can actually hear some things that are going on around you.