UPDATE: Sleazy Prius Deal Ends in Warrant For Salesman’s Arrest

On Monday, we posted part of Mark’s story about how he tried to return a Toyota Prius and ended up incurring the wrath of vengeful salesman who placed obscene phone calls at all hours to his wife. A warrant is now out for the salesman’s arrest.

Mark had some friends call Naperville Toyota to let them know the complaint was on The Consumerist. Reportedly, the annoyed lady on the phone said, “one unhappy customer will not hurt us.”

Since appearing here, Mark has received inquiries from area newspapers, included the Chicago Tribune. He also plans on filing on lawsuit and is speaking with a lawyer this weekend.

His outrage so hot and fierce, we were not originally able to put up Mark’s whole complaint, with the squirrely financing details and all. The letter is now posted in it’s entirety after the jump…





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