Volvo Knows What Women Want: To Be Patronized.

Everyone knows that women are a menace to our automotive society. When they aren’t swerving at 100mph through school crossing zones, their eyes firmly rooted to the vanity mirror which they are using to apply a smear of pink bubble gum lipstick, they are driving down the highway with both hands off the wheel, using one to hold a cell phone to the side of their ditzy heads and scream “You go, girlfriend!” while the other makes air snaps.

Still, Congress seems powerless to stop female drivers. Luckily, then, Volvo’s on the case with their YCC concept car, “designed entirely by a team of female engineers and stylists” to minimize the knowledge (and therefore, the harm!) that women can attain of their mall-traversing put-puts.

The VCC features a sexy, girlish chassis so streamlined and simple that only mechanics can open the hood to fiddle around with the engine! Girls don’t need to replace windshield wiper fluid, anyway… it might wash away all the Hello! Kitty stickers and sparkles you’ve affixed to the glass!

What Women Want [Popular Science]


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  1. Jesse in Japan says:

    You should send a copy of this story to that woman, Heather, who had a bad experience at Best Buy.

  2. etinterrapax says:

    Oh, for the love of all that’s holy. Don’t make me repeat the same comment all day. Shit like this belittles us all.

  3. IIRC, this model had a place to put in washer fluid next to the gas valve.

    But, seriously, bolting down the hood? What if you’re just stuck on the side of the road cause a wire came loose? Or you wanted to use the engine to cook porkchops?

  4. LTS! says:

    The car was designed by an all woman team? Bitch at the fellow women trying to keep the woman down.

    Besides, why is it that only mechanics can open the hood? Do they have a special tool?

    Oh well.. anyway for the editor, it’c YCC, consistency.. consistency!!

  5. Papercutninja says:

    This car was a concept designed about 2 years ago and was shown at the New York Auto Show, among other places. I actually saw it with my girlfriend, and we both really liked it. It doesn’t look girly, and the bolted-down hood is ridiculous, but most of the features were pretty logical. The most ingenious was the headrest, it had a slit in the center so that a ponytail could go through. It’s unobtrusive, so no guy would actually know what the actual purpose is. It’s only a LITTLE bit patronizing, mostly the hood business.

  6. Ran Kailie says:

    I am a woman and I’m probably more mechanically savvy with cars then most men I know. With that said, Volvo’s are notoriously hard to do mechanical work on, they are designed badly. An oil change I can do on my dodge in 20 minutes takes 2 hours in a Volvo.

    They do it deliberately so you’re spending more money to take it to a specialist at a Volvo dealer.

    So this is just another reason why I will NEVER own a Volvo. Some of us are mechanically savvy, male and female, and prefer to be able to see under the hoods of our cars.

  7. TedSez says:

    Remember when Homer Simpson was asked to design a car for the average guy? That worked out great! So I’m sure this will, too.

  8. Smoking Pope says:

    “Shit like this belittles us all.?”

    Yes, but a noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.

  9. ModerateSnark says:

    Or woman.