Volvo Knows What Women Want: To Be Patronized.

Everyone knows that women are a menace to our automotive society. When they aren’t swerving at 100mph through school crossing zones, their eyes firmly rooted to the vanity mirror which they are using to apply a smear of pink bubble gum lipstick, they are driving down the highway with both hands off the wheel, using one to hold a cell phone to the side of their ditzy heads and scream “You go, girlfriend!” while the other makes air snaps.

Still, Congress seems powerless to stop female drivers. Luckily, then, Volvo’s on the case with their YCC concept car, “designed entirely by a team of female engineers and stylists” to minimize the knowledge (and therefore, the harm!) that women can attain of their mall-traversing put-puts.

The VCC features a sexy, girlish chassis so streamlined and simple that only mechanics can open the hood to fiddle around with the engine! Girls don’t need to replace windshield wiper fluid, anyway… it might wash away all the Hello! Kitty stickers and sparkles you’ve affixed to the glass!

What Women Want [Popular Science]

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