The News; Unhealthy Alliances

• Hellooo Nurse! Are those conflicts of interest in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? [NYT] “Hospital Chiefs Get Paid for Advice on Selling”
• We still can’t wrap our brain around how they get to the rental car store in the first place. [NYT] “How Far Would You Drive to Avoid a Rental-Car Tax?”
• Working in the coal mine just doesn’t have the same thrill anymore. [CT] “More Feeling Underpaid”
• Businesses have feelings too. [CT] “Index Of Optimism Sinks To 3-year Low”
• Reminiscent of child-proof pill bottle’s rampant success of [CT] “Device Helps Parents Control Kids’ `New Media’ time”
• Alternate headlines: Hollywood To Catch Up To Normal Internet [LAT] “Downloads of Films Soon to Be Burnable”
• Breeze felt in the windy city. [LAT] “United Airlines to Move Head Office to Chicago From Suburb”

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