All Aboard The AOL Customer Retention Expert Conspiracy Bus

One of the more incredible results of the Vincent Ferrari AOL Cancellation fiasco is the outpouring of support. Oh, not for Vincent! For AOL.

It seems like every binder-quoting customer retention monkey has taken to the Internet to start flinging feces at Vincent and rah-rahing AOL. We covered a few of these guys on Friday.

But one AOL Customer Retention Expert was so incensed by the exposure of Vincent’s ordeal that he wrote a blog post to unofficially comment on the fiasco. Some of it will be pretty clearly called into question when Ben posts his expose of the AOL Customer Retention Manual.

But one thing our anonymous AOL Customer Retention Expert claims is that the AOL rumor is that Vincent called over 170 times to get a CSR as nasty as John. In other words, he was fishing for a fiasco.

What sort of Electric Kool Aid AOL Test do you need to be on to believe that? It just stretches plausibility wafer thin: Vincent Ferrari called 170 times in a row, tried to cancel, then when he was able to cancel easily and efficiently, resubscribed, hung up and redialed.

Now that AOL is looking to go entirely free, are these guys really so desperate to keep their jobs that they have to mount an internet campaign to disprove Vincent’s recording? And isn’t there a single guy working for AOL who can come up with something less idiotic than unproven mumblings of a Ferrari-led conspiracy?

AOL Unofficial Clarification of Policies

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