• Forget a certain ISP, leaving Architectural Digest is like extricating yourself from a lover who wants to have dinner and talk about why you broke up, maybe see a movie afterwards? [Bonjour, PeeWee] “Architectural Digest eats its peas one by one.”
• Is that a trick question? [AllFinancialMatters] “Do ALL Computer Makers Suck?”
• According to a report, most of you are idiots. [TechCrunch] “MySpace hit #1 US destination last week, Hitwise”
• This MickyDee’s didn’t realize that giving away free wi-fi didn’t mean just selling more milkshakes to kids playing Super Yoshi’s Disco Poophouse against each other, it also attracted homeless bloggers. You can’t have your honey-slathered butter biscuit and eat it too. [The Homeless Guy] “McDonalds: The Evil Empire Strikes”


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  1. ‘Blog In’s’ are the new ‘Flash Mobs’

  2. RandomHookup says:

    It’s hard to fault McD on this one. All the free WiFi places are trying to get the work-at-home crowd to spend money for stuff (and these folks shower every day, well most of them). Really piss them off and bring in a cup of Starbucks.

  3. RandomHookup says:

    Expect free wi-fi to come with a 2 drink minimum in the future. Check out the ballsy-ness of the technorati without offices in my neighborhood: