Sprint Loves To Give Out Your Billing Address

Sprint is taking the lead for crappy customer verification after Boing Boing spilled that their new international call identity verification service will spill the name and address of the owner of a particular phone number just by typing that number into a robot-manned 1-800 number.

Just call up Sprint and they’ll helpfully lead you through a multiple-choice quiz on the account holder name, street address, city and the names of any other people on the account. Granted, it isn’t exactly spilling credit card or social security numbers, but as one person noticed:

“One of the numbers I gave to that Sprint voicebot was the number of a friend who is in a battered woman program. It gave her name and her current ‘safehouse’ address, and she WAS very concerned about that.”

On the other hand, this is a great way to scope out if you’ve roped yourself a fatty before you commit to that upcoming blind date.

Identity Leak with Sprint Wireless [Cryocone]

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