The Museum of Airline Puke Sacks

A thousand swollen feet suddenly uncrammed from sweaty leather sheaths, combined with lack of air flow and food that looks like it was slopped from the same steam tray into which the airline toilets empty: vomiting in an airplane is unpleasant, if perhaps unavoidable. With cramped aisles, sleeping neighbors and little leg-room, you usually don’t have time to make it to one of the small tin-closet lavatories, leaving your only recourse ballooning your cheeks, then swallowing… or the dreaded barf bag.

There’s no way to look cool honking a lung into a paper bag, then holding onto it for the rest of the voyage, but if you want to make sure that you at least wear an outfit that compliments your new, reeking purse, has a collection of hundreds of vomit bags up for your perusal. Personally, I don’t usually bother with vomit bags — that’s what the obnoxious child incessantly kicking the back of my seat is for. (via Upgrade: Travel Better)