Convergys Still Not The Cat’s PJ’s?

Is the Covergys call center company in the habit of hiring liars?

Late last month, we had the opportunity to appear on CNBC as a bobbling head of consumer advocacy. The producers pitted us against Tom Mangan, a VP of customer care at Convergys, a call center outsource service company. Tom contended that his company adhered to the highest levels of ethics and customer care. He believed that the customer was always number one. The bloggings of a former employee tell otherwise.

Charles details how his team telemarketed credit cards to immigrants who seemed to have little understanding of what they were being talked into. The team leaders constantly emphasized quotas and keeping their bosses off their backs. At no point, says Charles, did anyone utter a word of concern about how the customer was treated. That’s not the worst of it, though.

Charles blogs that his team leader was a drug dealer who dealt to other employees. The team leader also got customers from the outside jobs inside the company. As these clients got promotions, he used their previous relationship to move more product and insulate himself from corporate scrutiny.

It should be noted that Charles writes this seven years after working there for one month and that shortly afterwards, he developed an extensive drug habit, which may damage his credibility in some books. Betcha there’s still some of his bosses’ former clients amongst the Convergys ranks, though.

Read the rest of Charles’ entry here.

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  1. Vinny says:

    Wow… That almost made me do a double-take ;-)

  2. nberlanga says:

    Its true! The stuff about drug dealing, lying, and dishonest tactics. I remember one particular incedent when I was at the Houston Convergys location. There was one “Team Leader” disciplined and several “agents” fired. It happened on the “HP iPaq” side that was a seperate room, called the “North Side”(of the building). Appearantly the agents had been drinking overnights while at work. Thats right agents were drinking. There were rumors of some pretty wild things going on overnights, but no one really bothered to investigate. It was even brought up by several agents but they were ignored. One day the HR manager decided to come in early and arrived to find several tall cans of beer sitting on a desk, opened and consumed. Where was the overnight manager on the North side? with his head on his desk, fast asleep. He claims to have not seen anything, and did not know where the beer came from. One other thing that came to light because of this is that there was marijuana being smoked in the North side as well. This was ignored as it did not occur again, since the beer incident brought more scrutiny. It has long been known that poeple drive behind the building to smoke marijuana, but when this was brought up to HR, they ignored it. These are not the bloggings of a current or former disgruntled agent, but management. Thats right another “Team Leader”, and yes I am fed up with this place. We are forced to discipline agents for not meeting arbitrary “metrics”. Pressure them to perform, I quit this place. All my labors in order to get this place to resemble a respectable call center, were in vain. Alas their near minimum wage practice has caught up with them. The Convergys formula is simple; Pitch a great call center to the clients, sell sell sell! Lye about your capabilities. When you are required to deliver, scramble to get as meny warm bodies in the seats ASAP! “Train” them as fast as possible(even if it means giving them the answers, don’t get me started on that) Pay them as little as possible, and operate as inexpensively as possible, even if it means ignoring marijuana use. Then just rake in the cash. This company is a lose-lose situation for everyone involved, their clients, their customers, their agents. The only ones winning are the execs. I feel for the Starbucks employees. Convergys just got the contract for HR services. Sorry Starbucks employees, it will be frustrating I’m sure, to call the Phillipines, or India when you need HR.