Monday Evening Reminder: We Are The Monsters of Rock!

That AOL Cancellation Story? Heck, we broke that. That Comcast guy on hold, falling asleep on the couch? We broke that too. Not that we got any credit for it as it played out elsewhere in the media, but nevertheless, a lot of the consumerist stories that blow up are first submitted to us by our readers. Your stories have become some of the hottest stories on the Net today. Send us a good tip and you too might find yourself in Vincent Ferrari’s shoes — wearing your best suit and tie to bite back the gag reflex of your contempt as Matt Lauer spoon feeds you inane pablum questions.

Make the jump to see a complete list of stories pulled from reader tips this week.

Sleepy Comcast Tech Fired
AT&T Owns Your Booty
Robot CSRs Man All The Online Fax Chat Lines
StubHub? StubHorror.
Beg and Plead in AOHell Takes Broken iPod, Runs
Dead Defeat AOL Still Auto-Renewing, Still Defeatable
AT&T: All Your Phone Are Belong to Us
AOL CSR Fired for Not Retaining
AT&T No Longer Exists
Boring Dell Laptop Story Turns Into Inferno!
Consumer Writes, Consumerist Criticizes
American Apparel FlipFlops, Flapped
AOL Wants to Sell “Internet” to the Dead
Comcast Tech Falls Asleep on Customer’s Couch
Life Inside in an AOL Call Center
American Airlines: A Big Bucket of Suck
AOL Listens to BBB and CC, not You
Westjet Delays, Pays Happy Traveler
American Apparel Waffles on Flip Flops
Fly First Class With Human Waste

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