Hipster Swiss Army Knives

The glorious Swiss Army Knife. The tool that makes us more human. Could this Could this piece of flawless design be made any more perfect?

Perhaps not, but that hasn’t stopped Yuhzimi from trying. A teamup with Victorinox resulted in the release of a limited edition series of designer Swiss Army Knives, or, Hipster SAK’s.

They’re called the “Urban Survivor” series and come with a special chain and box. The pieces become available in the next two weeks “from select retailers worldwide.”

Spiffy idea, but frankly, we don’t find the imagery they’ve selected to be all that compelling. The classic still reigns supreme.

“Survival of the Hippest” [ANIMAL]


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  1. AcidReign says:

    …..I have a Swiss Army card for my wallet, and I like it, but… For actual heavy-duty use, nothing beats my classic Leatherman. It’s indestructible. I’ve broken several Swiss Army knives.

  2. Hooray4Zoidberg says:

    It’s really about time that Victorinox puts a locking mechanism on the knife blade. I love the functionality of the swiss army knife, but without a lock the blade is actually pretty dangerous. I had a friend cut his finger severly when a swiss army knife closed on this finger while he was trying to cut through something. He had to get about 50 stiches. After witnessing that I’ve never felt comfortable cutting anything with one.

  3. Mr. Black says:

    I’ve had an Eddie B Victorinox for some years now (10+) which has a locking main blade. So the “technology” is there as they have made them in the past.