Sleepy Comcast Tech Fired

Plenty of rock a bye babies and sweet dreams await Brian’s Comcast tech, now that he has no job to get up for. The Comcast rep who fell asleep on a customer’s couch while lamely attempting to fix his router has been fired, Comcast said. Brian grabbed a camera and uploaded the proceedings to YouTube, where it got 200,00+ hits and ended up on Countdown on MSNBC. That was Tuesday.

Wednesday, the regional VP of Comcast called Brian. Thursday, a crack team of techs arrived at Brian’s apartment and worked from 7pm until midnight and finally resolved his multifold issue.

On his blog, Brian writes, “This crew was extremely professional, efficient and they knew what they were talking about. It was great. If Comcast could provide this level of service for every person experiencing connection issues, they’d be the darling of the industry.”

Perhaps mass shaming through internet audio and video will become the new tool to subverting businesses back into good customer service. Only one way to find out–break out the recording devices!

Snakes on a Comcast Issue Resolved” [Snakes on a Blog] (Thanks to Joshua!)

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