Shamu Proves Retailers Don’t Care About Credit Card Signatures

Conclusive proof that signing your credit card slip is completely irrelevant: The Credit Card Prank II.

Outraged over the price of admission to see a bunch of fish he wasn’t even allowed to eat at the New England Aquarium, the author of the piece struck back the only way he knew: by signing his credit card slip as Shamu, drawing a doodle of a whale beside it. When that passed, he wondered how far he could push it. Over the next few months, he did everything he could to draw attention to his outrageously phony signatures. Some of his noms des credit include Kris P. Kreme, Mr. Found This In The Trash Woo Hoo!, a pasted on picture of a postman saying ‘Sucker!’ and a musical scale annotating a song dedicated to defecation. All transactions were approved by both merchants and credit card company.

The author was finally nailed when trying to buy $16,000 worth of televisions from Circuit City as Mister NOT AUTHORIZED, after previously being told at Best Buy he could not purchase a $300,000 television in time for Sunday’s football game. Which, in this unscientific field study, officially makes Circuit City the best retailer in America.

The Credit Card Prank II [] (Thanks, Michael!)
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