AOL Weather Alerts Only Happy When It Rains

We like to Technorati up companies that are on Gawker overlord Nick Denton’s Nixonesque ‘Enemy Hit List’ from time to time and see if anything’s slipped through the cracks. A juicy stream-of-conscious rant about AOL on some MySpace idiot’s blog can really shoot rainbows through those Slow Tuesday doldrums.

So courtesy of some MySpace idiot’s blog, a juicy stream-of-conscious rant about AOL. Specifically, their text message weather alert system, which sent said MySpace ranter 125 messages predicting five minutes worth of rain over the course of the day.

    so, when i got on mobile aim i signed up for some alerts…like amber alerts and weather alerts. i drive all night long and good to know these things…yeah iknow…why don’t i just look out the window or listen to the radio…fuck i don’t know…it was there so i wanted it….anyway….so today i received 125 test messages from aol telling me it was going to effin rain….and it only rained for five minutes during the time i got those messges…what the hell….okay…tell me once.. or twice whatever…but every 15 gosh damn minutes….bullshit…good thing i get a lot of them damn test messages…shit…

He means text messages, not test messages. And yes, we can see how that would be annoying. *Boop-de-doop!* You have one new message! AOL writes: “Hey! IT’S STILL RAINING.”

the most traffic this guy will ever, ever get [Jeffery’s MySpace Blog]

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