VistaPages Must Really Hate Having Customers

Surprise, surprise, Anne wasn’t the only customer VistaPages managed to piss off.

After becoming disenchanted with VistaPages service, Ray wanted to cancel. Once they finally answered his ticket, it was to ask why he wanted to cancel and offered two months free service. Ray declined and asked again to cancel. Finally, on the fourth ticket, “Chris Jenkins” to affirm the cancellation. That same day, Ray was billed for another month.

Ray complained, “I asked that account be canceled on May 2, I finally got an official “account closed” on June 14.
I’m still being billed. I want a refund of any and all payments collected after May 2 and I want it done asap!”

In return, Customer Service Manager and all-around awesome guy, Chris Jenkins replied, “You’re no longer a customer. Have a great day. Closing ticket.”

Ray says, “Of course, I’m going to do a charge-back but vistapages really left a sour taste in my mouth. This company deserves to be outed for what they really are and I hope you stay on them.”

With this commitment to customer dissatisfaction, we’re sure there will be no shortage of material. VP Kaumil Patel is pictured above. If you see him on the streets, smack him upside the head.

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  1. ACurmudgeon says:

    I can stand by my previous pronouncement! VistaPages sucks! I do not need things like proof to make such statements, but it can’t hurt.

  2. John says:

    Good god, what a horrible company.

  3. Anonymous says:

    WOW I’m not alone… A lot of you out there. Anyone interested in lawsuit. Let me know … I already posted my story as a comment on the Annie’s store.

    Oh… We are so stupid, not reading reviews before buying anything from vistapages. That’s why I’m writing this so someone I hope will save his money and health.