Scientologists Bullying Man’s Mind

To many, Scientology is but a pathetic joke, a through-line on South Park or another delicious slander against TomKat. This video, however, showing seeing some real Scientologists in action, preventing XenuTV from filming their LA street fair and calling him a child molester, is sure to leave a sick feeling even among the jaded.

2:07 is where the party really starts.

It’s like going back to the 3rd grade, except without the tatter-tots.

“Did you take off time from beating your wife to come down here?”
“I’m sure you’re a child molester.”
“What about YOUR crimes?!”

This is from 1999 but we’re sure these guys are still involved, perhaps tootling around the Mediterranean as Sea Org captains with their cabin boys.

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[via Screenhead]