Dollar-Rent-a-Car Hatin’ On the Boroughs

Dan thinks Dollar-Rent-A-Car is a bigot, hating jews, minorities and filthy liberals. Otherwise, how can you explain item 1.O from their rental policy?

Higher rental rates for New York City (Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens) resident renting in New York, Newark, NJ and Philadelphia may apply as follows:

• For Brooklyn residents the rates will be $55.00 higher per day.
• For Bronx residents the rates will be $53.00 higher per day.
• For Queens residents the rates will be $11.00 higher per day.

It’s true after all, Brooklyn will kill you. Then the Bronx, then Queens.

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  1. That has to be a typo I assume? It can’t really be an additional $55 a day since I am Brooklynite compared to a Manhattanite right? Can they do that?

  2. jonfeldman says:

    AKA we don’t want to rent to people who live in the Bronx or Brooklyn. It would be interesting to see the loss rates that went into this policy!

  3. Gari N. Corp says:

    Apologies for the second “this is how the Limeys roll” comment in one day, but the most mystifying Dollar renting policy ever has to be insisting that all UK drivers’ licenses, which have, ya know, pictures and security features and stuff, must be accompanied by the green piece of paper they’re sent out with when you first get them. Could be that the clerk at the west village location last year was an asshat, but Dollar are definitely kooky this way

  4. amandabee says:

    Actually, according to their current rental policy, the surcharge is $77/day.

    Nice, huh?

    We found that out about an hour ago when we tried to pick up our rental car and found out that (surprise!) it was going to cost more than twice what we were expecting.

  5. krstallard says:

    I don’t know a whole lot about Dollar’s rates and reservation policies, but I do know that when making a reservation on their toll-free line you are required to give the zip code on your driver license. It does appear to have some sort of an effect on your rate. Probably a good idea to call their reservation line and get clarification on your rate when booking with them.