IHOP Diners Sprayed With Syrup, Tear Gas

We clicked on the “Dozens Fall Ill at IHOP in Arkansas” story almost as a lark. I mean, no kidding, right? The real story at 11 might be “Dozens eat at IHOP, leave with stomachs full, throbbing with robust vigor.”

Nevertheless, the story surprised us. It wasn’t leaden pancakes soaked in lard and brown-dyed sugar water that sent the customers to their toilets. It was a consumerist terrorist attack!

Apparently, someone surreptitiously sprayed the inside of the IHOP with tear gas. So not only did the customers leave the restaurant with squirting sphincters and leaden stomachs, but with serious respiratory problems to boot.

Still, it could have been worse. They could have eaten at Bickfords.

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Dozens Fall Ill at IHOP in Arkansas [Breitbart.com]

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