Cox Blocking Craigslist?

Is this the first major salvo in the net neutrality wars? Silicon Valley Watcher reports Cox is blocking access by some of its users to Craigslist.

Since April of last year, Cox has worked with Authentium to develop a security suite. The company has been non-reactive to requests by Craigslist to get it removed from their blacklist. Some Digg users confirm the outages, while others are able to get on Craigslist just fine over Cox lines.

Incidentally, Cox has its own online classifieds service. Reports Silicon Valley Watcher:

    “Craigslist has approached Authentium several times to get it to stop blocking access by Cox internet users but it has been unresponsive. Jim [CEO of Craigslist] wasn’t aware that Cox had its own classified ads service. “That changes things, ” he said.”

More at Silicon Valley Watcher.

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