Site is Borko Bloxor

Hey kids, as you probably can tell, The Consumerist has issues today. Posts emerge ever so slowly. Basically we have to make sure they’re perfect, and then launch them off into our blog program like bottles over the side of the Empire State Building. Fun.

Our techs are racing to fix the problem, just as soon as we can scrape them out of the corners of a few local dive bars.

Feel free to make comments; you just may not see them show up for a lil’ while. As it is, you’re probably reading this an hour after we’ve posted it. We’re sorry and darn tootin’ frustrated as well.

Stick around, though. Once the riffraff get out and the cops stop circling the block, we’re sure to find a stash of liquor, turn the system back up, and get this party started all over again, for the very first time.