Whirlpool Water Heaters Give Hundreds Cold Showers

We hope you don’t own a Whirlpool Flame Lock Gas Water heater, because boy, do they totally suck.

That had all the set-up of a pun, but unfortunately, Consumer Affairs already pulled the only one out of this story (“Consumers Steamed About Whirlpool Heaters”). As for the heaters, what else can you say about the buggers except that they are pieces of junk with a bizarre, counter-intuitive design that causes them to break down over and over and over again?

Of course, as expensive an investment as a water heater is generally covered by an extensive warranty. The problem part appears to be a lame thermocoupler. But that thermocoupler is only covered once under warranty. Considering that the hundreds of people who are now bathing with only sporadic hot water have had to replace the thermocoupler time and time again, the expense really starts adding up on an utterly crappy product.

Consumers Steams About Whirlpool Water Heater Problems [Consumer Affairs]

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