The News: Hungover, Hating Self, World

• Virgin Mobile to unleash SugarMomma program, allowing subscribers to earn free talk time by watching ads. The highest users will get a free apartment and clothes in exchange for giving massages to their cellphone and showing up with it to fancy dress balls. [NYT]
• Cellphone companies are targetting Hispanics. Based on several statistically backed sweeping generalizations, the companies consider Hispanics ‘ideal customers.’ [NYT]
• Inflation rose in April while consumer confidence fell in May from its 4-year high. Sad. [Tribune]
• File under “Duh,” kids exposed to more pollution while in the womb end up more stupid. [New York Post
• CMP Media trying to >prevent anyone from using the term Web 2.0. God, at least somebody is. [NYT]

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