Shotgun Blast Settles $36.50 Gas Bill

Now that prices of gas are skyrocketing, it’s perhaps understandable that you’d underestimate the cost of a full tank. But watch out! Being short on bread for a tank of gas could cause you to look down the cobalt blue double barrels of a sawed-off shotgun.

In Livingston, LA. a motorist pumped $36.50 worth of gas. Not being able to pay for it, he got into a fight with the gas station owner, which eventually lead to him driving off. At which point the owner rushed out and started shooting at the fleeing vehicle with a shotgun, exploding both of the rear tires. His second shot was fired after the fleeing gas thief pulled the car back into the lot… the opposite direction one should be heading when someone is firing a gun in your direction.

Both men were arrested: the owner for shooting, the consumer for stealing 30 bucks worth of gas. Make sure you guys keep your credit cards this weekend.

Man Fails to Pay for Gas; Owner Shoots [My Way]

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