Monday Morning Reminder: It’s A Good Week To Write Us

After a record week for readers’ emails, last week was a bit slower, with about half of the previous weeks’ 27 emails. I guess we’re bleeding you guys dry. Perhaps you don’t have what it takes to be a disgruntled consumer? We’re throwing down the gauntlet: can’t you guys find something to complain about?

Just teasing you… though the volume was low, the quality was high last week, which is even better. We dealt with crappy airlines, broken furniture, obnoxious telecoms, scummy bag merchants, automobile advice and a load of other topics. A veritable rainbow of consumerist subject matter to read, digest and commiserate with.

And, as always, we need more. Email us if you need to get something off your chest or need our advice and we’ll do our damnedest to help you out.

Hit the jump for last weeks’ reader stories:

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Late & Broken Bay Furniture To Destroy True Love
Man Finds Circuit City Pleasant
Buy a Sentra or a Cobalt?
Vonage is Boneage
Jiffy Lube’s Scam is Sand in its Own Vaseline
American Dream Faces Setbacks in Peoria
Best Buy Enjoyed By Man
The Illuminating Company, Or Was That… Illuminatus?
Biogenerics is the Newest Stock Spammer in Town
eBags eSucks
Oh Bun Pain!

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