Disneyworld Won’t Let You Get Drunk

For grumpy parents who take Disney’s particular brand of hallucinogenic chipperism as a soul-curdling annoyance, there’s only one way to get through a vacation at Disneyworld: drunk out of your gourd.

But on just such a vacation with his daughters, the Observer’s Tim Adams discovered that Disney employees wouldn’t just let him line up a dozen glasses of booze. Although he wanted two glasses of wine, one for his wife and one for himself, he was told by the bartender that he couldn’t purchase the second glass, as the bartender could not see this ephemeral Harvey-like “wife” of Adams’.

So how did he manage to get two glasses? He queued for ten minutes for the first glass, brought it over to his wife, then queued for ten minutes for the second glass. Customer service at its finest! Adams hates Disneyworld for a lot of other hysterical reasons too.

No fun? Are you taking the Mickey, dad? [Observer]

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